Vocal Literature

A Birthday (Rosetti), Opus 6 no. 2. Soprano, Baritone and Piano  [V-4]
A very successful duet for wedding use.
Barcarole (Lewis Carroll), Opus 6 no. 1. High Voice and Piano  [V-3]
Nostalgic song based on the final poem from "Through the Looking Glass," often called Carroll's greatest poem.
Psalm 23, Opus 2. Choral part  [V-1e]
Psalm 23, Opus 2. Organ-vocal (SATB) Score  [V-1c]
Psalm 23, Opus 2. Piano-vocal (SATB) Score  [V-1d]
Psalm 23, Opus 2. SATB and String Orchestra (or String Quartet) Score  [V-1a]
A short cantata in a pastoral style that befits the text.
Psalm 23, Opus 2. String Parts  [V-1b]
Psalm 23, Opus 2a. High Voice and Organ  [V-2c]
Psalm 23, Opus 2a. High Voice and Piano  [V-2d]
Psalm 23, Opus 2a. High Voice and Strings Score  [V-2a]
Version for solo voice.
Psalm 23, Opus 2a. String Parts  [V-2b]