A Path to Piano Mastery

I receive many inquiries about my approach to teaching piano technique ...

A Path to Piano Mastery. Second Revised and Expanded Edition  [T-1]
For the first time, the physical principles of piano playing are presented here in a clear way with an extensive series of illustrations and exercises that prepare the pianist to play the standard literature. 571 pages, with hundreds of black and white and color photos. Plastic coil bound for easy use at the piano. In this new expanded second edition, the most important sections have been amplified, and many new topics, musical examples, illustrations, and exercises have been added.

Are you struggling with piano technique?

John Ruggero

The piano is relatively easy to play at first—perhaps too easy—but it is a difficult instrument to really master. The true difficulties of piano playing emerge only later. But by then, many players are at a standstill—or even injured—because they took a wrong turn at the very beginning.

A Path to Piano Mastery puts the pianist on the right road to artistic piano playing. It is the result of thirty years of teaching and a lifetime of thought. The basics of piano playing are revealed as logical, and easy to understand and apply. Everything necessary to play correctly and safely is included.

Following my formal training at Duke University and the Juilliard School, I spent several years thinking deeply about piano playing. I was determined to spare my future students the confusion and frustration that I, like so many pianists, had experienced. Later, as I established a successful career as a performing musician, I began to teach and apply my new ideas to help my students.

Many now come to me seeking answers. There are youngsters already showing promise, teenagers with great ambition, and adults who have played for many years. All wish to express themselves at the piano, because they feel that this is essential to their lives. They do not leave disappointed. Newly empowered, they become self-sufficient musicians who play with confidence and intelligence.

As a result, my studio has produced a steady stream of award-winning pianists noted for their sensitivity and their reliable, brilliant technique. Many have appeared as recitalists and as soloists with orchestras, sometimes playing complete concertos at an early age. Many have gone on to advanced degrees at prestigious institutions like the Juilliard School and Indiana University. Others have become outstanding amateurs who have made important contributions to the musical life of the community.

I believe that it is everyone's birthright to express beauty through music, and that everyone deserves the best help possible to accomplish this. A Path to Piano Mastery now makes such help available to all pianists.