Instrumental Literature

Pavane from Suite Francaise. For Clarinet and Piano  [N-2g]
Pavane from Suite Francaise. For Flute and Piano  [N-2e]
Pavane from Suite Francaise. For Oboe and Piano  [N-2f]
Pavane from Suite Francaise. For Trumpet and Piano  [N-2h]
Pavane from Suite Francaise. For Viola and Piano  [N-2d]
Pavane from Suite Francaise. For Violin and Piano  [N-2c]
An excellent short lyrical work for concert or contest use.
Rondo in E flat by J. N. Hummel. Concert Arrangement for Clarinet and Piano  [N-4]
A brilliant concert work for both instruments in the tradition of the Weber Grand Duo Concertant.
Sonata for Unaccompanied Trumpet, Opus 4  [N-1]
As if Haydn had written an unaccompanied two movement trumpet sonata. The two movements may also be played independently. Contains two optional piano accompaniments of intermediate difficulty level for use with B flat or C trumpet.
Suite Francaise, Opus 5 for Cello and Piano  [N-2a]
A unique short four movement chamber work in which both parts are at an upper intermediate level. Sounds harder than it is and makes a very successful concert number.
Suite Francaise, Opus 5a for Bassoon and Piano  [N-2b]
Arranged for bassoon and piano.
Tarantella, Opus 6 by Camille Saint-Saens. Arranged for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano  [N-3]
Originally for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (Orchestra), this infectious work is a great new addition to the literature for this instrumental combination.