Educational Piano Music

Musical, challenging works that students enjoy playing

A Romantic Waltz. Intermediate Piano Solo  [P-5]
A graceful waltz for the sensitive student.
Five by Five. 25 Intermediate Five-finger Piano Recreations  [P-17]
Styles from Bach to Rock are explored within five-finger positions, so that the pieces make wonderful sight-reading and exploring for advanced students and good introduction to music of greater complexity for late elementary and early intermediate piano students. Includes six "Homages" to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Grieg, and Rachmaninoff.
Intermezzo. Intermediate Piano Solo  [P-16]
A pensive mood piece for the musically mature intermediate student.
Jolly Sonatina. Elementary Piano Solo  [P-11]
A great late elementary introduction to the Sonatina.
Little Star Rag. Upper Intermediate Piano Solo  [P-4]
Rollicking ragtime variations on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." A recital pleaser.
Middle C Rock. Beginning Piano Solo  [P-15]
In middle C position with optional teacher accompaniment.
Ocean Sunrise. Early Advanced Piano Solo  [P-23]
A lush tropical ballade.
Parade March. Beginning Piano Solo  [P-10]
A very simple yet musically mature energetic march.
Prelude Brillant. Intermediate Piano Solo  [P-6]
Short toccata for the budding virtuoso.
Rock in F. Elementary Piano Solo  [P-9]
All students love playing this piece.
Rockin' Locomotive Blues. Elementary Piano Solo  [P-8]
A more extensive and challenging continuation to the Rock in F tradition.
Symphony no. 5 by L. van Beethoven. Intermediate Piano Transcription  [P-13]
The famous first movement themes arranged to inspire the intermediate student.