Editions of Standard Classical Literature

The great composers were also great and original in the way they notated their music ...

Much that brings insight into the meaning of their work was lost to standardized engraving practices even in first editions. Many Cantilena Press editions go beyond the "Urtext" to retain nuances of the composer's autograph in a way never before attempted. Detailed interpretative suggestions are included.

Beethoven. Für Elise. Annotated Edition by John Ruggero  [P-21]
This new edition is a conjectural restoration of the original notation based on the composer?s manuscript sketches. Extensive interpretative notes are included.
J. S. Bach. Inventions and Sinfonias. Annotated Edition by John Ruggero  [P-2]
This new edition contains the most authentic text currently available. An extensive introduction presents a new approach to Bach ornamentation and provides help with interpretation. The indicated fingerings are carefully worked out, practical, and emphasize the phrasing of the music.
Series to be continued.